Diversity & Inclusion Hopes — not predictions — for 2019

  1. That companies take calculated risks, try something different and step outside their comfort zones, and;
  2. That companies are more transparent and truthful about what’s really going on in their organisations.
Man writing on a glass screen with colleagues looking over his shoulder

Hope #1 — Business leaders hire a dedicated manager to rollout their D&I strategy

I know that more and more businesses are paying attention to the importance and value of diversity and inclusion in their workforce (which is fantastic to see). However, businesses often expect somebody in HR to be responsible for diversity and inclusion for only part of the week and alongside their other role. I hope that businesses see the value in having somebody dedicated to diversity and inclusion by creating a diversity and inclusion manager role in their organisation (and this role needs to be backed up with appropriate budget, resources and leadership accountability).

A herd of bison’s blocking a road

Hope #2 — A focus on the individual (rather than the group) and removing career impediments

I “predicted” that diversity networks (groups of people with affiliations) will increasingly collaborate with one another to promote intersectionality. I hear and read often that millennials don’t want to be put into boxes or may identify with several groups. For instance, I am disabled and gay and have a West Country twang after a few drinks. Do I join the LGBT network? Do I join the disability network? Or do I join the cider drinking club? Do I have the time to join all three? I do believe that diversity networks are important (for instance, I got a lot out of being part of the BBC disability network and sharing experiences with fellow disabled employees).

green and black rope

Hope #3 — A focus on systemic not unconscious bias

My original prediction about systemic bias still stands but with a small tweak to it. I originally wrote:

  1. Focus on the individual and remove any roadblocks and speed humps in their way
  2. Focus on systemic rather than unconscious bias to help people flourish



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Toby Mildon

Toby Mildon

Diversity & Inclusion Architect. I like psychology, tech, ideas, design and food (esp. curry). Live with SMA.