Equipped for inclusion

Organisational Trust

One of the things that Aequip focused on during the research for their solution was organisational trust. I asked Michael to tell me more about organisational trust, so how can we establish it and why is it important?

  1. integrity, do you do what you say you’ll do?
  2. benevolence, how much do you have other people’s interests at heart?
  3. consistency, which reinforces the other three.

The Importance of Psychological Safety

I asked Michael to expand on what psychological safety is and how organisations increase that safety so that people can speak up. He explained that psychological safety is a concept that has been pioneered and heavily researched by Amy Edmondson at Harvard University. It’s an environment where people can raise concerns, questions, ideas or even mistakes without the fear of negative consequences.

Inclusive Communication

Given that Aequip was created to address things like organisational trust, psychological safety, by looking at the behaviour of leaders that can either break down or build up that trust and safety, I asked Michael, ‘How does Aequip work?’



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Toby Mildon

Toby Mildon

Diversity & Inclusion Architect. I like psychology, tech, ideas, design and food (esp. curry). Live with SMA.