No diversity strand is untouched by Covid-19: why diversity & inclusion is more important than ever

Responding to a crisis

Inequalities in society

Covid–19 is shining a light on some of the inequalities we see in society. Workplaces play a really important role in challenging these inequalities. Workplaces educate employees on creating a fairer society, which they take back to their families around the dinner table after work. They bring diverse people together under one organisation to collaborate and work towards common goals, visions, missions and create safe cultures where people feel like they belong. Very often our workplaces are much more diverse than our personal circle of friends and family.

Intersectionality and the importance of inclusion

Covid–19 really is affecting all of us as it doesn’t discriminate. However, the above examples do show us that there is disproportionate impact upon certain members of our society due to our own social constructs. It’s also highlighting the need for businesses to recognise intersectionality and be wholly inclusive. Intersectionality recognises that we don’t just belong to one box, characteristic or category. I, for example, am male, disabled, white, gay and sarcastic (four of which are protected by UK equality legislation). But so many organisations approach diversity and inclusion as pillars, or strands and in silos. They focus on women in leadership this year, ethnic minority graduates the following year, LGBTQ+ individuals after that, then it’s mindfulness and eventually they might get around to disability.

About the author

Toby Mildon is a Diversity & Inclusion Architect and founder of Mildon, a consultancy and advisory business. Toby works with businesses to re-engineer processes and systems to minimise the impact of bias and build a culture of inclusion. Prior to setting up his business, Toby worked as an in-house diversity and inclusion manager at the BBC and Deloitte. Toby is the author of the bestselling Amazon book Inclusive Growth: Future proof your business by creating a diverse workplace. Inclusive Growth provides a practical framework that enables you to deliver a sustainable, diverse and inclusive workplace which allows your organisation to grow.



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Toby Mildon

Toby Mildon

Diversity & Inclusion Architect. I like psychology, tech, ideas, design and food (esp. curry). Live with SMA.